EGR vale blanking.
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Thread: EGR vale blanking.

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    Default EGR vale blanking.

    Has anyone with a C5 X7 blanked off the EGR valve. I've just read about the operation and the benefits of blanking it off on diesel engines. What do you all think?


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    Be careful! If you have an accident and they do a machinery inspection and find it blanked off then your insurance will be void. Worth the risk? EGR maintenance isn't a big deal if done regularly and there are good products for cleaning EGRs when required.

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    There's more than one engine in the X7, and the EGR systems differ greatly, so the question needs some more detail. The throttle valve controlled by the computer has an EGR function as well.

    In NSW you'd fail rego if the inspector tried hard enough. There's no fuel saving or extra hp to be had.

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    I would be checking that out thoroughly before blanking the EGR. I don't know if PSA does this or not, but for some diesels, the EGR is actually part of the cooling system. It does that by reducing the thermal load to the coolant. It's also a sensor input to the fuel module, helping with the fuel/load calculations.

    Just something to consider.
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    The engine uses the EGR valve as part of the regeneration process for the particulate filter. It recirculates exhaust to raise intake air temperature and then boost exhaust temp to burn off the soot in the filter. It you block the EGR valve, I think you would get an error code at least or at worst end up with a blocked DPF.

    Surely you can find a wrecked one somewhere if you are not prepared to buy one of ebay or from Auto midi Lorient.

    Cheers, Ken
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