CX 2400 Door Trim Removal (1979)
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    Default CX 2400 Door Trim Removal (1979)

    Hi all, today I decided to have a go taking the door trims off my Citroen CX2400. I was just wondering how you get past the door handle and locking mechanism? It seems like it won't budge. Are there clips? Thanks in advance.


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    From memory, You lever off the door locking lever. There are two screws under plugs top and bottom of the door handle. You can slip a screwdriver in above the door opening lever, raise the wire clip that locks in on and then and pull it off. Go around the perimeter of the door card and try to release all the white plastic insertion clips without breaking any out of the door card - good luck with this bit. Pull door card out at the bottom and lift to release window trim.

    Cheers, Ken

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    There is a C clip on the door lock lever. Use a thin screw driver to lever it upwards out of the locking groove. The lock lever then slides off the splined shaft!
    Cheers Gerry

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    The little locking arm should just pull straight out. However, don't lever against the trim when removing this and the door opener as it will very likely split. It's only a thin and now brittle plastic skin vacuum formed over a cardboard and foam sandwich. Not very durable.

    There are inexpensive sets of plastic trim removal tools and they will help save some of the trim hardware. For example:
    SCA Door Trim Remover Set - 5 Piece - Supercheap Auto Australia

    A forked wide blade is good to get under the clips and spread the load to reduce damage. They tend to pull out the cardboard backing if you pull against that, which is why you want to lift under the head of each clip.

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