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    Default Phantom DS

    Has anyone else noticed today's Phantom comic strip? The Phantom has gone to town looking for bad guys and one of the baddies is trying to escape (and run the Phantom over in the process). And the baddie is driving a DS! The artist has it pretty right, even down to the narrower track of the rear wheels. It was the fuel filler flap that I noticed first. Yesterday's drawing is not quite as good: the driver's door has a window frame.

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    I am a little disappointed. I think that the Phantom himself (assuming he can drive) ought to drive a DS, not the bad guys. The ghost who walks drives the timeless car that floats.



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    Roger,having lived in the Congo i think the Phantom would have to drive a 2cv to handle the so-called roads.
    If he drove a DS it would of been when he wanted to clean up the baddies in Kinshasa or Bangui then he could of floated the DS down the Congo river,plus there was a Citroen dealer in Kinshasa for servicing.
    Due to the crime rate there, the baddies would of stolen the DS from a decent upstanding,good looking and firm but fair local with taste.

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    Spotted the DS in our local rag (The Chronicle from Toowoomba) yesterday & today as well. Also thought the drawings were pretty good except for the window frame. Maybe it's a Chapron version?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by forumnoreason View Post
    that is a shit drawing of a D!

    As a professional illustrator with 25 years of experience I feel confident enough to make this appraisal!
    It's just a comic strip panel. Those guys are more professional doodlers. And anyway, to pull a D out enough to look "correct" would completely fill that panel. I'd be a little thrilled just to know someone recognizes a 1st nose D in their strip.

    You aught to see the commercials shown here for The delivery truck is usually a very cartoonish H Van. I think it rather neat. This one, for example.
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