C3 remote locking and a Citroen dealer in Brisbane
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    Default C3 remote locking and a Citroen dealer in Brisbane

    My daughters C3 remote key stopped functioning and she left the car with the dealer for the replacement remote to be 'keyed' to the car. $230 later the new remote isnt working and the dealer has requested the car be returned for a day to resolve the issue!
    Will make sure that that the extra day is at no charge before it goes in again. Has anyone in Brisbane had a similar issue, does it have to go to a dealer?


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    Hi ccc,

    The remote central locking function seems to fail for 3 reasons. Failed key transmitter, transmitter not logged into BSI properly or failed receiver in the BSI unit. There are a few sites on the internet that explain how to relog a remote locking transmitter into the BSI but I have heard that it is not uncommon for the BSI receiver to fail which would end up being a very complex job to replace.

    We are living with a Xsara that needs a key in the door to lock and unlock because it seems its BSI receiver has failed.

    Good luck with the C3. You could try Euroserve and see if they are interested. However the dealer that sold the replacement key should provide some aftersales free service to help determine the real issue.

    Cheers, Ken W

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