Traction brake adjustment.
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    Default Traction brake adjustment.

    I've got a grabby offside rear brake, can anyone shed light on the best method to centralize and adjust the brakes?


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    It requires a special fixture to centralise the brake shoes. However a useful device can be made by sacrificing an old brake drum. Remove the drum from the hub ( they are either bolted or rivetted together ) and weld a rod and slide with a wing nut for fixing the slide to the rod. Back off all adjusters as far as they will go. Fit the drum and bring the front ( of the car ---leading shoe) adjuster cam into contact with the brake show until it touches the drum.
    This is your datum point. Remove the drum and fit the modified drum centre you have made. Adjust the slide along the rod until it touches the shoe where you adjusted it out to contact the drum. Now it is a matter of fiddling the other adjustments of the shoes ( both top and bottom cams ) until you are satisfied that you have made as even a contact as can be achieved as the improvised fixture is rotated around the brake shoes. When doing the rear brakes also take the time to ensure that the hand brake cables move freely in their outer sheaths and are well greased. They can cause a sticky brake assembly even if everything else is correctly adjusted.
    The whole operation requires patience and attention to detail!
    Good Luck!
    Cheers Gerry

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