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Thread: chinese c5 trip

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    Default chinese c5 trip

    Reading feb edition of the UK ccc mag and the is a article on a chinese couple who drove a c5-2253cc
    petrol on steel springs from Shanghai to the UK via Kazakhstan-,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan,Iran, Turkey.
    Left again at start of Brisish winter to head home via Russia but with winter tyres.
    C5 did not miss a beat in 48 k,had a luggage pod on roof.
    Shows not all chinese made is not crap.

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    The problem is not whether it is Chinese made, rather it's more a problem of the importer/distributor who picks the price point at which he wants his product to enter the market at.
    If you go to a Chinese manufacturer wanting a certain product to be made for you, the first thing he will ask you "Ahh, how much do you want to sell it for" and therein lies the problem.
    China can make products that compete with anything that either Rolls Royce or Pratt and Whitney make, but then you pay the same price as you would from those manufacturers. Quality costs money.

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