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    Default 165.400 tyres

    l am fitting new 165.400 tyres to my ID19 tomorrow, and the old ones will be disposed of if nobody wants them. They are out of date, have perish marks and no good for roadwork but OK for long term sitting around. Complete with tubes. You must take the five of them.
    I also have four elderly Michelins off the 2CV. Same story. All free.

    My grandson said to me,"what are those two silver funnel things in front of the engine?"
    I replied, "they are the coolers for front inboard brakes"
    "Then why are they mounted on top of the muffler and bringing in all the hot air from the exhaust?"


    Er, year, right, maybe it's for the cold and snow in France, er, maybe...... Like bed socks....

    tyres can be stored for pickup anytime....

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    Don't remind me!


    Oh, that may be just what I am looking for.

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