Fuel Injectors for IE DS21, DS23 or SM
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Thread: Fuel Injectors for IE DS21, DS23 or SM

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    Icon12 Fuel Injectors for IE DS21, DS23 or SM


    If you are looking for Fuel Injectors to suit above cars, there are some on ebay at a reasonable price that will suit. If you baulk at the shipping price you can use Australia Post Shopmate service as there is free delivery to anywhere in the USA.

    These are an 036 injector but have same ratings as all injectors used on these Citroens as covered in the compatibility list in the listing.

    Fuel Injector NEW Bosch Fits Volvo 142 144 145 164 1800 | eBay



    Ken W

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    It's used in early Mercedes 450 with D-Jetronic, but will suit a few cars. They will fit and work well in the DS, but remember the hose fitting is different to the original type used on the DS. It is a barbed fitting for a push on (pressed on actually) hose, hence the ferule and no hose clamp. A 5/16th (7.9mm) hose that suits the DS fuel rail might seem OK as a push fit on the injector but is not as tight as the original hose should be. A hose that is tight on the injector will be very difficult to fit on the rail. The hose the injector comes with may not be long enough for the DS, so some compromise would be needed and I ended up using a 7.3mm Cohline (German OEM) EFI hose. Cutting the hose off requires real care to avoid damaging the barb and some people use a soldering iron with a blade end.

    Pelican Parts and FCP will also carry these injectors. You could get them for around US$65 18 months ago (including the eBay vendor), but they are substantially more expensive now. Standard, a US brand, also make a substitute injector for anyone wanting to try that for a lower price. The fuel regulator from the Mercedes V8 also suits the DS, but the Bosch number now ends in -007, not -004. Pelican Parts also carries Cohline hose.

    So, one recipe would be -036 injectors connected to the rail with Cohline 2240 hose 7.3x13.5mm and 5/16th Gates EFI hose everywhere else. -007 fuel regulator. Normal injection hose clips everywhere, except where the hose pushed onto the barb.
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