Where to source EOLYS 176 and EGR Valve for a 2007 C5 Hdi 2L RHR
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    Default Where to source EOLYS 176 and EGR Valve for a 2007 C5 Hdi 2L RHR

    Thought I might tap into the knowledge that exists here. Where is the best place to source an EGR Valve and 3L EOLYS 176 and an install kit for our 2007 C5 2L Hdi RHR?

    I tried calling Brisbane Citroen's parts department 5 times yesterday to get some pricing. Kept being transferred to an answering machine, so I am pretty sure they don't want my business, they certainly don't deserve it.

    Anyone know where I can get a 16V Hdi engine cover for my RHR motor? I left mine by the side of the road one day and drove off with out it, silly me.


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    i have purchased 2 kits for the RHR engine from Bree at European auto imports, comes complete in the bladder ready to fit and quite cheap, must reset with lexia after install, egr probably best to purchase on ebay from the uk or if in a hurry call wayne at A cullen and sons in nambour

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    Try BM Spares in Melbourne for an engine cover.

    You could also try getting John Walton from DS Motors to source you one next week when they re-open after the break. He may also be able to get you a price on the Eolys as well, if his suppliers are back on deck for the New Year.

    It has been getting spares over the break this year. Probably not the best idea to start a big new project just before Christmas.

    Cheers, Ken

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