Good bye to 2015
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    Default Good bye to 2015

    In the early days of may 2015 daughter decided a house shift with my help, not a problem and where I live we have roll over curbs and they are very good, where my daughter lives in the old type curb and solid concrete and in this area we do have long grass as I backed out of the drive and did a u turn into the grass the DS3 was not at all happy the damage caused $890.00 plus one tyre and another because the other tyre did not mach taken to the experts decided all was ok no visible issues the damage in total cost over $ go Insurance would cost more, so far so good, about seven days later the love of my life needed the bathroom at about 1.30 am, unknown to me Judy slipped in the bathroom and broke her hip, the ambo came and off to the hospital after all the problems were solved she was placed in a ward for 2 weeks then off to rehab for another 2 weeks 2 of hell Judy wanted to go home they at rehab were busy Judy was un washed when i complained the response was very dull to say, I washed Judy my self, and took her home, two days later whilst I was as I guiding Judy into the shower I noted a lump that lump cost abreast, and Cancer Judy will over come her problem. A few weeks Judy and were off to the GP, some works were in process we came to a stop, what appeared next was a 3 ton truck going fast, the next was a large rock that had decided I was a target, I was not un able to go either front or behind i could see what was going on i put my self in place to protect Judy, the next was an all mighty bang, that rock hit bulls eye to the under side daylight complete, and of corse the paint work an other $2000.00, Judy loves her DS3 regardless. I am not sure as to the wind that bring about, but in all, as to what can happen to any person. LOVE YOUR LIFE AUSSIEFROGS.



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    I hope 2016 is a terrific year for you, Tony and Judy. You both qualify to have a good run for a while.


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    Indeed John, and Tony I know the feeling....Here's to a better 2016!


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    Some years are good ones to farewell.

    Very best wishes for a much better 2016!

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