Citroen 's gears :)
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    Default Citroen 's gears :)

    A local reference to Citroen and his gear design, fitted to an old steam winch.
    Cheers Jaahn

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    Well done Jaahn,

    A few years ago, I went on an Island Hopper cruise on Sydney Harbour that ended up in the Navy Museum. Guess what I found there, a pump from one of the WW1 AE series submarines that had a citroen herringbone gear drive. I will add a pic to this post when I get back home to my photo archive tomorrow.


    Ken W

    PS Click the like button if you have seen the AE submarine gears
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    Snapped this at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum in London when there in 2009. If you're collecting photos of diverse applications, my guess is that this was a flywheel from some kind of steam assembly, but can't be sure.

    Also remembered this other one from an early electric motor at the Fox Museum here in Melbourne.

    Cheers. Pottsy.

    Citroen 's gears :)-double-helical-gear.jpg
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