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    Need info on the air flow and how it works on the 2500 jectronic. Has no cold start injector. When we loosen the air inlet rubber clamp and let a little air in the motor runs smooth. We put a screwdriver in to let a little air in and it idle about 33 fuel pressure, no flooding. What do I need to do to fix? Ta


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    Maybe the throttle position switch is dirty. Check to see there is a closed contact when the throttle is in idle position. I squirted a lot of contact cleaner into mine to fix it. Then when put back on adjust so one contact pair is closed at idle. The other pair should close at full throttle.

    Then are you sure no injectors are leaking. They are easy to pull out together still connected. They should be dry with fuel pressure built up. Pull off the lead from the starter relay and turn the key to star to run the fuel pump.

    What about the air cleaner, is it clean. While out make sure the air flow meter is clean and the blade moves freely.

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    There is a brass thumb screw in the hoses across the back of the head, try turning this one turn each direction. You may find it was just a bit blocked and comes good (or someone has messed with it in the past and it needs adjusting).

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