2005 C5 Citroen V6 3.0 100,00KM Service
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Thread: 2005 C5 Citroen V6 3.0 100,00KM Service

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    Default 2005 C5 Citroen V6 3.0 100,00KM Service

    Hey Guys,

    I was hoping someone good point me in the right direction as the wife's car has some problems.

    It has just done 100,000Km's and it's time to replace a few things.

    I need to my father to replace the V-Belt and timing belt. My dad is a mechanic but hasn't really worked on many petrol vehicles, mainly diesel hiluxes and land cruisers. Was in the mining game for nearly 20 years.


    Is there anything he needs to watch out for, or you can anyone provide a service manual or guide that would assist us in changing these parts.

    The other thing that has recently happened, is that the hose near the strut, shock absorber, hydraulic ram on the drivers site has gone hard and snapped and is leaking LDS Fluid. I've read I can order Total LDS Fluide and fill the reservoir. From my understanding, I lower the car, fill it up and that's about it, but is there an indicator?

    ** Looks like I've found found the correct procedure and also found the part that I'm meant to order.
    Citroen C5 Frt Suspension Leg Leak Off Hose & clip New Gen Cit 95050399/96127591


    Should I buy genuine, can someone recommend a site to buy parts for Citroen overseas?
    Big Thanks to David S for the great contributions to the thread above!!

    Sorry for this post to be so lengthy, but just wanted to cover all bases, maybe someone has a checklist of things that should be replaced and checked at 100,000K

    Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcomed


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    A few hints will come along soon, as well as the ones you have found, but I'd always start by going to CARNETS DE POCHE and getting the mechanics' handbook. Sometimes the French version is "fuller" than the English, so get both. Engine code letters are used.

    Ring EAI for a parts quote - http://www.eai.net.au/ - sent by courier.
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    Yes, watch out for the harmonic damper separating from it's hub and wobbling - a potential engine killer. Mark it and replace it if there is any doubt.

    You will probably want to change the water pump in addition to the other timing belt items. The rollers may still be OK, so it's a matter of judgement as to whether to replace all of the timing parts with the belt on a low km car.

    Now is the time to fix any cam oil leaks and check the engine mounts. The engine mounts are prone to snapping off the stud and the engine will then float about or walk. If you have to remove the inlet manifold, you want to do two things: 1) if you have a choice, refit the better Delphi coils to the rear bank instead of the original Sagem coils; and 2) be mindful of any distortion of the inlet manifold and reseal to avoid any air leakage.

    Change the gearbox fluid perhaps?

    Seeing as you will be removing the guard liner etc., check the small return hose at the base of the LDS reservoir for leaks. If it's leaking, replace the R-clip with a worm drive clip so it can be tightened a fraction. If it leaks, it tends to drown the suspension pump motor.

    p.s. At Repco, there is 20% off for auto club (NRMA etc.) members in October. 30% off this weekend. Plus their current catalogue (to 25/10) includes 10lt Castrol Edge 5W30 for $69. That's one option for the C5.
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    LDS in Perth,
    Get it from Golden West Engine Oil | Automotive Oil | Agricuture Engine Oil | Golden West Lubricants @ $12/l this is genuine Total LDS even mention Citroen on the container.
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    Penrite LDAS at any Autobarn. about $30.00 a litre.

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    Check EAI in box hill for the leak off hose. I think they do them for about $25

    (03) 9899 6683

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