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Thread: Dutch site sharing the knowledge

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    Icon3 Dutch site sharing the knowledge

    I've been contacted by one of our members Gerard who is also a member of the Dutch forum Citroen-Forum.nl - CitroŽn ID/DS

    Gerard has made me aware of a series of videos available via Citroen Forum NL, these are excellent tutorials of basic through to some of the more technical DIY maintenance on our ID/DS cars. These have now been updated with English subtitles.

    I've asked for permission via Gerard to provide a link here on aussiefrogs and now have a very positive reply (Google translate).

    Quote Originally Posted by Egbert
    Gerard nice that our films are also watched in Australia. Fine if they are shared. We aim to subtitle the films also English, run it first film.
    The English are in:

    The library of videos is growing all the time, definitely worth a bookmark


    Thank you to our Dutch friends

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    good stuff Chris, I've seen the toe in/out vid but not the rest! dssmpassion have good vids too.

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