2003 C5 V6 auto.
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    Default 2003 C5 V6 auto.

    Hi Froggers,
    a good friend of mine bought a C5 V6 today which has transmission faults. It was understood that the car was being sold very cheaply due to unspecified problems. The car has done just under 150,000ks and seems to be in very nice condition. It's a petrol V6, 4 speed, probably a ZF 4HP20. Under test drive conditions the transmission fault didn't happen, but it was a bit noisy. Later on the home drive it became obvious that there was a real problem with the transmission. It would not go into 4th at all , then when starting at the lights it would not go at all in 1st. It was as if the transmission was low on oil. It was just able to be driven home in second and third.
    At this stage we don't know if the problem was caused by a leak which caused a very low trans oil level, creating the damage, or possibly incorrect oil put in during a service about 18 months ago. It now looks like a complete replacement unit will be the best solution.

    Both of the return lines in the front wheel wells have broken where they fit onto the metal pipes. Easily fixed.


    The car was cheap enough that a replacement transmission would be worth doing. The new owner is a mechanic but not too familiar with Citroen issues.
    It will be an interesting few months seeing what happens with sourcing parts and doing the job.
    I will update this forum as the job progresses.
    Cheers... George 1/8th.

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    It's an early one. A great prospect to build something never sold here - V6 manual C5. A sleeper C5 if there ever was one.

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    You could certainly look into a manual conversion using Pug bits and some of the cabin side items from a petrol 4cylinder manual. It would need to be reconfigured to think it's a manual in the BSI and you would have to make sure you work out the wiring changes to make it all work together. Maybe scrounge a partial harness from a UK car?? ... but it's pleasant enough as an auto.

    If it rumbles from the bellhousing, it might be the pump cavitating due to a blocked pickup. You can't get at the filter due to the smart design, but dropping the oil to see if it's full of fine metal swarf would be a good place to begin and may suggest there is damage to the pump. If it is, then cleaning out the valve block is probably a good idea. If it's not smelling burnt, then the clutch packs are possibly OK. Being electronic, there are possible sensor faults too. You probably want to take it out and open it to see what's going on. There's a guide on dismantling the 4HP20 at 'eastment' or something similar.

    If it has had the ECU reprogrammed with the Pug software, that helps avoid the early lockup grumbles when going up a hill at about 60. It can transform a car. The gearbox ECU is not VIN-coded, so it's easily swapped. I do wonder if the thump they can develop going into 2nd as they age is due to worn flow restriction balls in the valve block. Something I guess I might get to one day ...

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    That lag in going into top was cured on my V6 with an oil change (x3)
    They certainly don't like polluted oil
    I always start with a complete oil change

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