Hi all,
Long time subscriber, first time poster. I would like to share my experience with a dealer service.

Our C4 Grand Picasso needed a 60K Service (done at 69K, the last 45K service done at 50K).
My wife contacted a few dealers after a bad experience during one of our prior services (read below if interested).
So we were quoted $500.00 for the service plus another $100.00 for the reprogramming of our Key (which had lost sync. when the battery went flat a couple of months ago (I had tried the syncing procedure, holding the lock button on the key whilst on stand by position etc.).
When we picked up the car, we were told the key was 'fixed'. Unfortunately when we got home we found this wasn't the case after 20 min or so the car loses the sync with the key and the car loses the time etc. We took it back again, and we were provided with a courtesy car (a little 4 door Kia surprisingly solid feeling BTW). Again we were told it was fixed, but upon returning home, again not fixed. We had to take it a third time, again another loan car but this time the Key was fixed. Although frustrated the first time wash't fixed, and we had to take it back twice. Dealing with Jack at City Automobiles in Richmond. Victoria was a pleasure. He was very helpful and polite, and we had 2 days of loan car use at no cost. Jack also advised us to put Alpine diesel in our car when we mentioned we were going on a snow trip to Falls Creek. Most new diesel car owners do not know about this, and there are no warnings anywhere. (Jack told usthat a fuse was the culprit, it was losing charge after the 20 min, hence the failure to reconnect after this time).
BTW, we were familiar with City automobiles (although we only realised when we got there), as we used to own a 2002 Renault Laguna (first car to be given a 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating and 2002 RACV car of the year),which we used to service there.


Bellow our previous Servicing experience.

We bought a c4 Grand Picasso in 2011 (the last model of the previous shape with the updated rounded Chevrons). We purchased it new from Zagame in west Melbourne (they no longer sell Citroens), apart from them promising a model with daylight running LEDs, and delivering one without, the car itself was and still is well. After Zagame charged me $150.00 to remove a pen from the front seat railings which had blocked the seat from moving back or forth, they lost my business. Fortunately I found Citro motors on Smith st. Fitzroy. Mel was a very decent person. My first 15K service quoted about $640.00 at Zagame, Mel struggled to charge me $300.00!.
Unfortunately for the 30K. Citro motors was closing down(CITRO Motors garage sale).

So I found a place near work EVS in North Melb. I believe they actually did a decent job. However, they underquoted by 300% (if my math is correct), I specified model, year and the need of a full synthetic oil before they priced the service at around $300.00, they ended up charging over $900.00.
I found them via a website I can not even remember, after the service they e-mailed me and asked about the experience with EVS. I obviously expressed my shock of the service charge. I was the contacted via an angry e-mail stating ll sorts of things including I was dreaming to think a 'modern' car can be serviced for $300.00. I replied I have it in writing (e-mail), that was your quote. Long story short, Not a fan of them.