CX Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
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    Icon5 CX Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    I need to get some advice on the disassembling of a rear wheel bearing on a Series 2 CX Safari Wagon 2.5 TRI ABS Automatic. I have procured the bearing from CX Basis but the seal is not for the ABS (too small). No replacement hubs (complete) seem too be available for ABS Safari's. I can use the old seal as it is in good condition. I have a Haynes manual which covers the Series 2 but it doesn't cover the ABS hub. The internal of the ABS ring is threaded (right hand thread) and the nut which holds the bearing on appears to be 49mm in size.
    Any ideas?


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    Oh ... your not going to find those parts in Australia. I thought only GTi Turbos had ABS Have you tried ebay UK for wheel bearings for an ABS model

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    Shane, Thanks for the reply. The TRI had (as far as I can tell) ABS as standard equipment. Doesn't have the performance of the GTI but it is still a very good highway runner.
    I procured the bearing from CX Basis for 92.75 Euros, but the seal has to be ordered separately (nice to know). No-one else seems to carry the Break bearings, that I have found. (CX Basis has complete CX rear ABS hubs in stock, but the don't fit the Break.)
    As I could't find any info in the 'Net', I bit the bullet and took the hub to an engineering mob here in Bundy. Very good mob as they had all the equipment to separate the bearing from the hub. The ABS ring is pressed on, not screwed on as one would think, considering the internal thread inside it. It was used to assist in the separating of the ring from the hub by inserting a bolt into it. After that the seal just came off, and a 1 inch drive 49mm socket and a bloody BIG breaker bar was used to remove the nut.
    Old bearing came off complete with internal race, no pressing needed. New bearing just slipped on and the nut torqued to 55Kg (470 ft/lb) {and a monster torque wrench} as required. Whole job took less than 2 hours (as they had to make up a jig to hold the hub).
    In fact it took longer to replace the bearing than it did to remove/replace the hub unit on the car.
    Now I don't have that annoying hum from the rear.
    Now if I can just find a little bit more power.......

    PS. If anyone is interested CX Basis has wind deflectors, tinted even, front only, for CXs' at 63.09 Euros, ClimAir brand.

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