Citroen D special with seized engine
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Thread: Citroen D special with seized engine

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    Default Citroen D special with seized engine

    am trying to help a mate with a resurrection. No - not Tony Abbott.

    A 1975 D Special with a seized engine. Anyone got a good running spare?

    am in inner city Melbourne

    rewards could range from swaps for other Citroen things - Light 15 motor for instance - or bits from a very dead DS23 EFI - or money - or love - or whisky - or sacrifice of first born.....


    inquiries to [email protected]



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    The engine is really a fairly simple unit and you will have to remove it regardless, so maybe pull it down and find out what's failed before going further? Was the oil filter cover fitted backwards and then starved of oil, was it overheated or has water entered and rusted it solid? It's a good opportunity to fit 21 liners and pistons and items like bearings are quite reasonably priced. If going for a donor engine, remember that a 23 auto engine has a different crank (plus other minor differences) and won't take the flywheel, although there's meant to be some adapter plate that can fix that.
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    The H frame should be reinforced at engine out as well, you can buy plates to bolt on. I understand the 23 motors put more strain on the frame? Causing stress/cracks/ sagging?
    Better to redo the motor than just swap over, least you'll know you've got a decent engine once rebuilt.

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