Xantia hydraulic leak
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    Default Xantia hydraulic leak

    On a public holiday in June the Xantia broke down, so it was RACQ'ed home. DS3 is going in for hail-repair-rectification soon so I've finally got around to trying to see what the problem is.
    Breakdown - stopped at red light, STOP warning alarm goes off. Pull over to find a track of green fluid leading back to a puddle where I was stopped, and lhm dripping from in front of lhf wheel. Can't see where from.


    First question - Have I falsely assumed given the quantity / rapidity (no sign of a leak in this area before) / warning alarm that this is a high pressure leak?

    Put car up on ramps, removed plastic arch-liners, cleaned what I could. Not wanting to get sprayed with the green stuff, I turned it on, then off again. Only place I can see it dripping is from the earth cable to the AL4 box, which over time has been rubbing on the coiled pipe next to it, now grooved. What is this pipe? I think I've photographed the right one, but now the car is off the ramps I can't get my head and camera under there at the same time

    However the lhm'ed area is also well above this. Could a pin-prick in this pipe have misted lhm all over this area? For a copious leak should I be able to see an obvious hole or fracture in the pipe?

    I don't think this pipe is up high enough, but without removing the battery tray and air-cleaner I can't see where else it is, and if I remove the battery I can't start it to try to produce the leak.Xantia hydraulic leak-imageuploadedbyaussiefrogs1440893201.678494.jpg
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    Hello Bruce,

    I've had two leaks in that area (well, three as one repair failed).

    The regulator return hose died of heat/old age.
    The PAS flex hose expired, and its replacement by a mobile hose doctor died soon after.

    If it's the latter, have a coupling put at the end of the flex part. This way you can set the pre-torsion of the flex hose to nil when the engine is at rest (wheels chocked, gearbox in N, handbrake off).

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    If you are referring the the big pipe coil, then I would say its the main high pressure feed pipe from the accumulator regulator to the safety valve. Cit part number 5270Z2 which is of course NFP.

    You should still have one of these on your 2 litreAL4 exclusive front cut if you still have it.

    Cheers, Ken W

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