Question from a Citroen newby
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Thread: Question from a Citroen newby

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    Default Question from a Citroen newby

    Hi everyone

    I recently purchased a 2009 C5 Tourer in Exclusive trim...and there's a couple of little things I can't figure out and I hoping someone will have the answer at their fingertips!

    1/ How do you know if the car has the upgraded audio system? I thought it might have been standard with the Exclusive trim? However I can't identify any buttons t\which would relate to equalizer setting etc...

    2/ I've noticed that when reverse is engaged, the drivers door mirror tilts UP and returns to normal position when drive is selected. A mate of mine has a Xantia which lowers the angle of the passenger side mirror to aide with kerb side maneuverings. Have I missed something on the ceiling that I need to be aware of when reversing?? Maybe this is something for a lexia session at some time?

    Any ways, loving the car and as it also puts some time in earning its keep with Uber you will likely see it gliding by if you're in Brisbane!


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    On the radio panel is a button with a pair of quavers. With the radio on, press the button repeatedly. Each press brings up a new menu.

    Start the car and select reverse. Now adjust the mirror position using the door switch. It should be remembered. The normal driving position is adjusted with the engine running, but not in reverse. Each user has his/her own settings.

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    From what I can remember, the 1 and 2 buttons on the drivers door store seat position, rear view mirror position and air con settings for two drivers. If you set up the mirrors as described above and then store settings into either 1 or 2, then you should be able to get them back by just pushing that button as you enter the car after someone else has been driving.

    In my C5, button 1 is for me and button 2 is for SWMBO.


    Ken W

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    You can also set the right side mirror for reversing using the same process. So, set your external mirrors for normal driving, reversing, your AC settings, seat position, date of birth etc etc, then store the settings. You select which mirror reverse dips by flicking the slide switch on the driver's door. If you leave it centred it neither mirror will reverse dip. To manually fold the mirrors for tight parking, centre the selector then pull it backwards. To get them out again - repeat.
    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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    Date of birth? Serious? So, if you drive on your birthday does it play a happy little tune or something?
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