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Thread: C5 power steering

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    Default C5 power steering

    The power steering in my 2006 C5 V6 (facelift model) is erratic. It is best described as "jumpy," and doesn't seem "heavy" which would be the case on a standard power steering setup that's low on fluid. As a first step I wanted to check the fluid level, but added to the problem is that the LDS fluid for the hydraulic suspension leaked out from the driver side front strut, and the problem there seems to be a clip on the fluid hose. That matter is being attended to.

    My questions regarding the steering are; 1. Where is the fluid reservoir for the steering? Does it use the LDS fluid from the suspension reservoir? 2. Could the steering problem be related to an electronic module or valve in the power steering circuit? I hope these questions make sense, advice would be welcome.



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    Yes, the same LDS reservoir is shared by the steering and suspension.
    Each front strut has a return hose that is secured by a special clip with a square pad to spread the load at the strut end. If you replace the clip wit a hose clamp, retain the metal pad or it will not seal correctly around the hole in the strut.
    There is a cover on the RH side of the engine bay. Pull the centre out of each clip to release them and lift the cover.
    Fix the leaks and refill with LDS so it's at the middle of the seam of the tank with suspension on the lowest setting.
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