Info sought about Citroen C5 being sold by an auction house in Melbourne.
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Thread: Info sought about Citroen C5 being sold by an auction house in Melbourne.

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    Default Info sought about Citroen C5 being sold by an auction house in Melbourne.

    I am interested in a 2007 Citroen C5 Tdi wagon currently for sale at Carlins Automotive Auctions South Melbourne. It is maroon in color and has Vic reg UZB-779 plates.

    It is being sold without a road worthy certificate. (I have been informed if I pay a $100 fee they will get it checked by a mechanic to see what needs to be done for it to be able to pass a road worthy test.)

    As I live in Hobart it is not easily possible for me to inspect the vehicle although I will do so if preliminary checks are satisfactory.

    The photographs show a presentable vehicle and it is said to have only traveled 85873 kilometers. Does any member know anything about this vehicle which may assist me.

    Are there any common faults that I should check for this model?


    Info sought about Citroen C5 being sold by an auction house in Melbourne.-citroen.jpg

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    No idea about the specific C5, but are we talking 2.0HDi or 2.2HDi?
    All 2007 year C5s will be 6 speed autos and you you want to look for hot slip mostly on 2>3 upchange.
    Specifically check rear arm bearings (creaking) and front arm bushes (soggy / torn), hydraulic piping for steering and front suspension (rubber leaks), navigation unit if fitted ($$$$), tailgate struts, rear glass opener ...
    This may also help you:
    C5 info wanted

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    The VIN (VF7......76766672) has it as a six speed auto 2.0 diesel (RHR) powered car.

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    When I bought my 2006 wagon (otherwise identical to the one you're looking at) the previous owner had bought it at auction and subsequently spent a lot of money on it for several niggling issues, not the least being a lack of power on acceleration. Unfortunately he didn't get these issues addressed by a "properly qualified" Citroen mechanic and was possibly also looking for the cheapest solution. The end result is that he sold the car on.

    Just after I bought it, with my eyes wide open, it needed a complete new cat converter and Particulate Filter (FAP in French) as well as a lot of diagnostic work to identify a clogged intercooler. All this appeared to have been caused by a faulty actuator on the turbo, something that should have been found much earlier.

    Once this was all done, the car has been a gem ever since.

    If you look up a few posts by me you'll see most of the whole sad saga. (Now the story can be told!)

    From my point of view, all up I paid still marginally less than I would have had to do on a car with a better service history, but having the work done by my trusted specialist meant that I am confident the car is right.

    Buying a car at auction is always a potential gamble, but if you get the car at an acceptable price, then factor in a realistic amount to spend getting it back to proper performance specification, you can still be a winner.

    Service history is crucial, but, for what it's worth, some of the service places that should know how to do it properly simply ignore some of the basics, (such as cabin filter changes etc) that the smaller service workshops perform.

    Off the top of my head, if you can get the car for under $5K and are (a) prepared to spend another 2 or 3 on it and (b) have a really good service mob in Tassie that you can trust to do it right, then at the end of the day you'll have a car that ticks every box, is a great cruiser, can be chucked into corners like a hot hatch, swallows enormous amounts of cargo and treats any kind of road surface with Gallic disdain.

    Just be prepared to pay the experts for proper servicing on an ongoing basis.

    I love my Mephistopheles dearly, warts and all!

    Hope that helps.
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    I agree with Pottsy. I owned one of these from new and it was a magnificent car to drive. It was a great touring car and went to the top end and back a couple of times filled with Kids and luggage. For space, it never let me down - I carted wood on the roof bars and, at the heaviest end of the scale, once carried a cast iron table saw in the back (I think this was really pushing the limits).
    This, I imagine, would have been a trade-in. At this age, regardless of KM, it may need new spheres. Bought here, they are $550 each!! However, I got a set of quality spheres from France for around $600 landed (probably more like $800 now with the Euro up) It would be coming up to a set of new brake rotors and pads. Once again, if you go to the dealer, you will want to tear your own head off when the quote you a price. A complete set from Euro Auto Imports (Box Hill, Victoria) will also come in at around $600. If the car has only been driven in the city and suburbs, chances are that the Particulate filter is clogged. I was told by a Citroen specialist that they had a car come in with around 100,000K on the clock that had never had the chance to run through its' cleaning cycle. They were able to re-cycle it a couple of times using the Lexia diog tool and managed to clean it and not have to replace it. If it does need replacing, don't even think of asking a dealer for a quote, you can get a new one from a French dealer for 300Euro - if you get the car, PM me and I will send you links to the Euro and UK dealers I have used. I think if I had a spare 5k or so, I would consider bidding on it as I do regret having sold my C5. Having said that, mine only left me stranded once with a buggered camshaft sensor (got a new original equipment one from Europe for just over $20.00 landed - They are around $200.00 here. The dealer I had replace it was gobsmacked when I brought the part in. He started to tell me that they could not guarantee any non-citroen parts so, I told him to have a close look at the sealed plastic bag it came in - with the red chevrons printed all over it. The upshot is that you can run these cars at a better than reasonable cost and, they are worth it.

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    Advertisement says 6A, so therefore Aisin 6 speed auto. Looks like the top spec. model (not 2.2 litre engine however) with all external black bits colour coded, turning driving lights, parking sensors (F+R) and other bits normally at that time on V6 model only. Looks like a good example of an up spec version. Having said that the wheels could be about to fall off, EGR stuffed, exhaust more holes than fishing net etc. On the positive side there may be even be some rubber covering the steel belts on the tyres.I will be in Port Melbourne next week so I will have a look.
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    I've owned / operated a 2002 2.0 petrol, a 2004 HDI, and currently a 2005 HDI 2.2 wagon.

    I can't say that they have had "common" problems, but the 04 had awful problems, like the melted fusebox and lots of bad luck.

    My view is that the two most critical things are:

    a) Who serviced the car throughout its life, and

    b) Who will be doing the current / future work.

    Pretty much 99% depends on these two factors.

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    I have had my 2008 C5 Hdi Sedan for a year. It had a perfect dealer service history. All we have done to it is regular oil services and lots of diesel. We have travelled 45,000kms in that 12 months. The only issue I have had is that the Xenon light washer cap on the passenger side is now missing.

    Best $9,000 I have ever spent.

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