B7 C4 e-hdi possessed headunit
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    Default B7 C4 e-hdi possessed headunit

    Hey guys,


    Before the warranty on the C4 lapsed, I had to have quite a few (list of) things replaced. One of the items that was replaced was the head-unit due to iffy bluetooth refusing to connect on some phones, and dropping out when it would be connected. Now i'm having some issues again with the headunit.

    2 weeks later with the new head-unit and no more warranty, the unit will now connect to bluetooth on any device, but play music at an AM quality and voice calls are of a lower quality then they were before. In addition to this, the front and rearward parking sensors now only show visual, and no sound.
    SRC (source) button on the steering wheel no longer works and connecting an iPhone through the USB connection will now cause the iPhone (any iPhone) to light up green for 10 seconds and than crash and restart, refusing to play any music at all.

    This is the second C4 in the house after the 2007 (which has been great over the years and had no issues), but i'm starting to worry as too how well this thing will age considering the mechanical issues i'm also having with it.

    Thanks for any help in advance guys!

    (2012 C4 B7 e-hdi Exclusive)

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    Take it back to the dealer as it is so close to the warranty period. Their workmanship would be covered by a warranty plus being a new head unit it would be covered by it's own statutory warrant. Some cheap phone chargers interfere but I suppose you use the USB port to charge yours? When the last new iPhone came out I had all sorts of issues with mine and it was caused by the Apple software updates and not the car. Although that wouldn't affect reverse sensors etc. Good luck.
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