Swapping tyre pressure sensor C5 X7
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Thread: Swapping tyre pressure sensor C5 X7

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    Default Swapping tyre pressure sensor C5 X7

    The C5 has a damaged tyre valve stem. It's cracked just above the head of the valve and it's near impossible to put air in the tyre besides check air pressure.

    I sourced a good second hand part from Continentals a couple of weeks ago at a considerable saving over new price, and will need to get it fitted to the tyre. I don't have tyre bead cracking tools at home.


    Anyway, I expect that the new sensor will need programming into the car's computer when fitted. Correct?

    If it takes me a while to get to a dealer or someone with a diag box, what will the car do re not sensing a front right TPS?
    Craig K
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    If you swap the whole sensor, yes, which is no big deal. It may throw up an error about not monitoring the tyre pressure. However, the stem and sensor/transmitter are (well at least were) separate parts and I'd expect you might be able to change just the stem and avoid the need to reprogram it. It still has to be removed though as the stem is fitted from the inside of the rim.

    Maybe, the short term fix is to buy an extension to screw on the damaged stem for filling?

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    There is a C5 wreck out Parramatta way just wonder how much for a wheel?

    All the best,


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    It will bong at you every time you drive it until you have logged in the new sensor - just like it does when the spare is fitted. I did a thread on how to log a new sensor into the system using a Lexia about 5 years ago. Just do a google search using ausssiefrogs and C5 X7 tyre pressure sensor and you should find it.


    Ken W

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