CITROEN C5 auto transmission flaring.
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Thread: CITROEN C5 auto transmission flaring.

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    Default CITROEN C5 auto transmission flaring.

    Have a 2007 C5 six speed auto that sometimes is slow selecting the next gear after deselecting previous. Causing the motor to rev excessively and then thump into gear. This is usually from second to third and seems worse when hot or when more heavily loaded or when a change in driving style occurs. Some downshifts under load are also quite rough. Driving it manually for a period of changes after this happens seems to settle it down. Any advice on how to rectify?


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    You could change the oil and it may help a little. The usual cause of 2-3 slip/flare on the AM6 gearbox (generically an AW6 as used by numerous other manufacturers) is a sticky electrovalve in the valve block and/or wear in the valve block. The most reliable fix is a new valve block, but that's quite expensive and could be north of $2K installed, depending on who does it. Maybe start with a couple of oil changes, probably using a suitable Penrite fluid. You only ever drain a portion of the fluid at any one draining.

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