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    Just a point of interest....


    I was pulling the doors apart on my very original 71 BVH (replacing doors and repaint) when I noticed that the rear glass is 4mm and the front doors are 5mm.

    What gives...? Did all cars mix and match like this...? The glass is undoubtedly original to the car (82k miles from new) and the doors look like they have never been apart (all the little details usually missing are in place).

    The tinted replacements are 5mm all round (factory original) so some cars must have had 5mm all round.

    Mine being a 71 is a bit of a transition year - SEV lights, plastic light surrounds, plastic indicators, 11mm fasteners but steel rear guard pins, leather grab handles, push button doors, early steering wheel etc.

    Did the later cars go to 4mm all round...?



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    Huh. I've got three different thicknesses on ours..
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