Just purchased 07 C4 Picasso
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    Default Just purchased 07 C4 Picasso

    I just purchased a white 07 C4 picasso.

    It has 170000km on it and doesn't have any books or service records. The car was priced accordingly so I took the plunge. It is obviously wise to take care of the timing belt asap but it would be a shame if has been done recently. Is there a way to find out if this has been done? Central dealer computer system? Does the service history get documented in the cars computer system?

    I drove it back from Sydney yesterday and faced a loss of power and what felt like missing above 2000rpm when pulling up hills or overtaking. When revving the car whilst stationary I can't replicate the problem.
    I have read about the y piece cracking near the turbo, does those symptoms match the problem?

    The car has had 6 owners and has had a hard life by the look of it, there appears to be a repair on the sump where it must have been run up onto something. The left glove box and the bonnet seem to have been slammed shut when something was inside and are a little bent. The cargo cover and other interior accessories are all missing. The heater doesn't seem to work either.

    We managed to repair the rear boot handle and lining that were both falling off yesterday. We also fixed the rear seats that had bent handles making bring them up and down really difficult. They function perfectly now thanks to some leverage to bend them back into shape and some silicon lubricant to get everything running smoothly.

    I know I have some similar tinkering ahead of me to get things back in order but we are super stoked with the picasso, we had only had the 307 for a few months and 3 car seats across the back row was a real struggle, the fit in with space between them in the picasso. We can now accommodate some extra kids now as well which is a real bonus. We loved the motor and Gearbox in the 307 so having the same in the C4 is great.

    I would love to source a wreck to get the missing interior parts and possibly a later stereo with bluetooth as well as anything else I come across in the coming weeks. If anyone knows of a wreck anywhere please let me know.

    Here is my list of things to check, is there is anything I should add?

    Cracked turbo vacum Y splitter.
    Fill particle filter bag.
    Engine mounts.
    Pollen filter.
    brake switch

    Thanks everyone,

    I will let you all know how I go.


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    The Picasso had relatively few problems and I think you've already found most of them. If there are no books, how do you know it has had 6 owners? A guess? You could ask a dealer or Citroen to look it up and see who sold it, which might help a little, but you are really in the dark unless you can find the recent owners. Note that almost all of the Sydney region dealers for 2007 no longer deal with Citroen.

    Don't lift the tailgate by the release handle as it will quickly snap the pivots. It's not very strong.

    The Eolys bag is probably about due for replacement if not already done, but you have to reset the counter as the system only infers the amount of fluid remaining and it can't just 'know' that the bag has been changed. It's not a tank, but a disposable bag and it's not the ideal DIY job.

    Changing the gearbox fluid would not be a bad idea. Penrite is fine.

    The vacuum pipe behind the engine and running to the actuator on the turbo can fall off, but the common reason for loss of boost is the y-piece you mention. It will tend to hang on to the lower gears and just feel sluggish. Also check the air hoses for splits as that can affect turbo boost.

    Ensure the y-piece on the handbrake cables at the rear beam is not losing the little steel plate behind the cable end.

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    Thanks David,

    I got a rms report that states that I am the 7th owner and the car was in a dealership for 6 months in 2010.
    The PPSR report has all the instances of the odometer being listed and the dates. There are some large gaps in the last few years which makes me think it hasn't been serviced much, the engine oil looked quite old when I changed it.

    I had some success contacting the selling dealer in coffs harbour from their license plate covers and another mechanic in Coffs who had put a service sticker high up on the windscreen. The selling dealer only covered the early services while the second guy remembered the car and was more than happy to email the records to me. I will do a little more detective work on monday to see what I can find out.

    The Eolys warning is coming up when I start it so you were spot on with that. I will check over the other things you mentioned in the coming days.

    Many thanks.


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