C5: 4 cylinders or 6?
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    Default C5: 4 cylinders or 6?

    Greetings all.

    First post and i'm finding more info here than anywhere else!

    I've owned Italian and German but never a Frenchie and am now looking for a 2nd hand C5 X7 Exclusive Tourer (i was happy to go the Comfort, but the wife insisted on the Exclusive).

    The outstanding specs list combined with the drastic depreciation in price from new makes it a seem like a no-brainer for me.

    Originally, i only wanted the 2 litre but the odd 2.7 has shown itself. Age not overly important but probably around 2008 - 2010, up to 2012 at a stretch, with full service history. Up to 120k on the clock, depending on age. Are higher km cars worth investigating?

    Is there any reason to not want the V6? Aside from fuel consumption and maybe tyre wear, i can't see a downside. With around 120k, i'd like to see the timing belt done, preferably before. I'm also finding the servicing schedules confusing. 10 or 20k? I'd probably do what many here seem to do, oil at 10, shop at 20.


    Any input on what to look out for would be greatly appreciated.

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    You'll like a C5 X7. They are silent, smooth and comfortable, with a much improved build and reliability over the earlier model. However I wouldn't bother with a 6. The 4 cylinder HDI motors have more than enough power and acceleration to get into trouble with the radar merchants, let alone keep up with traffic, but they are much more common and much easier and cheaper to service.

    Comfort and Exclusive both have hydraulic suspension. Exclusive have more (most) fruit. Attractions are around too, with steel springs fitted into the same mechanisms and all-cloth upholstery. These have a soft ride surprisingly similar to a hydraulic in sport mode.

    20k is the service schedule. 10k stuff is basically an inspection. The correct oil is critical. Otherwise routine servicing is straightforward. Changing the belt on a 4 is cheaper than on a 6. If you are familiar with German tourers the French difference is a much more cosseted ride.

    Motoring journalists complain that they can't feel hard cornering through the wheel like the Germans - believe me for such a heavy front end it still goes round well enough. Citroens have long had well assisted brakes and steering. This review of the 2.0 sedan is fair - http://www.mister-cars.com/Article/2...5-Review/1175/

    One gotcha to allow for - at 160k the Eolys (catalyst) tank for the diesel particle filtration needs a refill. It isn't cheap so allow for the price. There are threads here.
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    Default Maybe I should sell the D Special

    I bought a 2.7 after my 2002 C5 was written off in the Brisbane storm of 27/11/14. I thought my original C5 was the ants pants'. Quite, reliable, reasonably economical on the highway but a bit on the heavy side in town. 2002 and only 135k on the speedo.

    the 2008 X7 had 42k on the speedo when I bought it in Dec 14. If I thought the original C5 was the Ants Pants. the X7 is beyond comparison. 6.9 l/100km Brisbane - Junee - Brisbane. Superb comfort on the Brisbane - Junee Brisbane trip.

    If I don't lose my licence on one of those trips it will be a miracle. I've resorted to cruise control! The temptation to enjoy the smooth acceleration is too much.

    The only complaint is that it is not a hatch back.

    Cheers. Kevin

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    the motor is used in 407s, land rovers and ford teritorys .... so in theory it should be the least of your worries
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    The 3.0 litre HDi is a cracking good engine too! I'm loving mine.

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    The c5 x7 is fabulous. Both diesel versions are great. Absolutely fantastic value for money.

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    Last weekend we drove 300km on a trip to the Stirling Ranges. The computer showed fuel consumption of 5.5/l,100km with the cruise control set to 103kph (GPS shows 100kph at this setting) As previously stated the 2.0 Hdi is more than adequate in todays speed camera world. Plenty of power for overtaking and a fantastic ride.
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    Hey, thanks for all the input people.
    It seems as though the 100kw 2 litre is more than adequate...but those extra Newtons in the V6 are probably handy too. Not necessary. but handy

    Does anyone know the difference in price of servicing the 4 and V6?

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    Hi Mykul,
    Service cost is usually exorbitant if you go to a "dealer" regardless of model. I went for the V6 because the one I found had just had the belts and brakes all re-done. I just don't want a Diesel, and I didn't want another 2 litre petrol motor.
    The V6 is fantastic...

    BTW... my Xantia 2 litre ran at 10L/100k, the V6 is about 8L/100k.... go figure...

    cheers... George 1/8th

    Citroen C5 V6 2004 Exclusive ..

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    ive had two C5 X7 then last year traded up to a new 2.2 HDI ....both excellent cars As ive said on this site before I don't know why there isn't a line at the dealerships front door to buy a C5.
    I would go for a 2010 build as these will have the new 120KW motor more economical and I think has ample power and torque. Go for exclusive as it has a few more goodies eg turning xenon lights, 9 airbags etc.
    The 2.7 v6 is a good engine but it will be costlier to run. Note that the new 2.2 HDI has the same power as the old 2.7 v6 ...thats progress.
    Good luck in your search.

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