Radio issues Citroen C5 2006 Hdi
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    Default Radio issues Citroen C5 2006 Hdi

    Originally I had an ECU warning to pull over and seek assistance etc. I called the RACT and the serviceman rectified the faults and got the car started. It has been serviced but the radio has not worked since the original fault. I initially thought that this was due to a problem with the ECU and put up with it but finally bit the bullet and took it into the local Citroen franchise in Launceston. That was a mistake as although now the radio works I cannot change the volume and the radio stays on after the engine shuts down until the interior lights go out. Citroen service said that they were unable to do anything more so I am looking for a replacement radio. Can anyone assist? C5 HDi 2006 model CC5HASXD07

    Also the videos on YouTube on how to remove the radio for this model appear to be slightly different to my vehicle. Could this be due to the video being taken of a UK vehicle? Last question does anyone know how to remove the faceplate to access the radio? Many thanks.


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    So the GOOFBALL guys at the Citroen Dealership have wired the radio power supply through the cars interior light??? And they can do no more???
    This is completely unbelievable... how do these dealers get the gig in the first place? They know less than your average Auto -sparkey, obviously.
    Step one... keep away from the dealers as much as possible.
    Step two... check your fuses yourself next time. Save yourself a huge bundle of cash, and fix the car without creating a new problem...
    If the Citroen Dealer can't fix the problem , they should at least undo the damage they have done, under warranty, so you can then fix it...

    Regarding the radio faceplate, look very carefully for hidden screws along the lower edges and sides, then unclip the thing carefully. These usually just unclip.
    Good luck...

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