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Thread: Pallas trim adhesive

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    Default Pallas trim adhesive

    Well the paint job is almost finished and one of the last things to do now that I have all the panels back on the car is to attach the new Pallas door and guard rubbing strips. My old and battered strips were held on at both ends by small bolts that went beneath the rubber in-fills, through the door/guard and were secured by meaty rubber washers and 5.5mm nuts. My brand new repro replacement trims do not have any holes in them and although I have a bag of brand new slider bolts, rubber washers and nuts I'm loath to rebolt them to the doors/guards. Firstly I don't want the bolts becoming a rust trap and secondly the new rubber in-fills are so tightly inserted into the stainless case that they are impossible to slide out.
    So, which adhesive tape do I need to hold my new (& expensive) trims in place.? The standard thin foam filled tape from AutoBarn does not have enough strength and is affected by sunlight so that's no good. There has to be a commercial product out there that sticks like proverbial sh*t to a blanket given that most vehicle embellishments are stuck on these days.
    Advice please.

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    Default tape

    Dave you need a VHB (Very High Bond)tape , Blackwoods sell it here , but you could try a trade auto paint supplier,or ask your local panel beater,

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    Generic foam double-sided tape is no good for that job and also makes the strips sit out and they would then collect a lot of dirt. A specialist product or a urethane sealant would be better. One of the stronger Sikaflex poroducts would do the job and you can buy it without a prescription or an overcoat at Bunnings.

    You might end up very carefully marking and drilling small holes in the back of each strip to take a self-tapping screw. I used a drill press to limit the depth and avoid going through the rubber. A tube on the bit might also a good idea. Making sure they all line up on the doors before securing them can take a bit of time to get right.

    Be careful as repro side strips can be fairly soft and will kink irreparably if you are not careful. Removing them after gluing with urethane might destroy them. This is mostly a problem on the rear guards, where the sweep differs from left to right and you would need to adjust the strips a little. I don't know if they are all made by the same outfit, so yours may differ to some that I've seen and used. The fold at the end can also stand a little proud, so it may not actually sit perfectly flush with the panel - test it and see.

    alpine, is that VHB tape one of those products that is a very thin strip of adhesive that is supplied with clear plastic tape either side and then removed to leave just the glue on the panel? If the panel isn't dead flat and there is a gap, does it accommodate that?
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    VHB tape is used to secure glass to high rise buildings and extensively in the sign industry. It has the appearance of the stuff you might buy from auto stores, a rubberised centre with adhesive either side. It would show a black profile where it meets the panel.

    I would still be wanting to secure at least the front of each strip (and ideally the rear) with something as David describes or the original stainless bracket nut and bolt - loosing a strip at speed could spear and kill!!

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    Hi Dave,

    I'm afraid Chris is correct - there is no long lived way of ensuring the strips stay in place short of bolting or screwing them on the ends. The problem is the door panel is not straight, it's bowed outwards slightly so the tape eventually lifts at the ends.

    I tried this with the 69 and the ends are lifting now - I will have to pull the ends of the rubber out of the channel and drill holes for bolts at each end.

    You still need to use tape, with the bolts - just make sure it's no wider than the indent in the back of the strips otherwise the tape only sticks to the panel on the edges. I had this issue too..


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    3M make a double sided tape specifically for attaching body trim strips on the exterior of panels!Ask at any automotive paint supply shop. Not cheap but worth it in the end. Do not be talked into the cheap Chinese alternative!
    Cheers Gerry

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