C5 headlight safety issue.
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    Default C5 headlight safety issue.

    Hi Froggers,
    I recently wanted to change one of the C5 headlight bulbs, the D2 HID type. Apparently the voltage applied to these to strike the lamp to make an arc is about 28,000 volts!!!!!

    WARNING...WARNING.... ( I can see those robot arms waving about...)

    There is a simple way to make it safe.
    1. Unlock the car but do not insert the key in the ignition.
    2. open the bonnet.
    3. Unhook BOTH wiring plugs completely from the back of the headlight assembly you are working on.
    4. Once disconnected from the wiring, the headlight unit is safe , you can now change the bulb. You could still use rubber gloves because you will be insulated, and you will not even accidentally touch the bulb glass.


    Reconnect everything when you are finished, put the weather caps back on, and lastly re-fit the two wiring connectors.

    Always take care... cheers... George 1/8th .

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    You missed a safety step - pull out the lighting fuses before you start on the light connectors.

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