C5 windscreen washer.
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Thread: C5 windscreen washer.

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    Icon7 C5 windscreen washer.

    Hi Froggies,
    My series one C5 has very powerful headlight washers, but the windscreen washers are very weak. This happened on my wife's Camry a few years ago, very weak windscreen washers. In her case , the little washer bottle Motor had a filter, which was almost completely blocked with a soap scum. I dismantled and cleaned everything, and it's not failed since... And no-body puts soap in the bottle...
    I thought the same might be the fault in my C5.
    I pulled the grill/bumper assembly off to get access. Removal of the washer bottle and hoses was easy. The hoses were not blocked, the two way water control valve was all ok.
    I separated the pump body from the valve unit, to reveal the impeller. No cracks or splits, no wear in the shaft or the inner part of the impeller. No mud or dirt anywhere.
    So I bench tested the electric motor . Bingo. It worked but only just. It made an awful screeching sound when high and dry. What has happened is the waterproof seal has failed, and so water has entered the little electric motor, which still worked, but under a lot of stress. I didn't dismantle the motor..the sound told the entire story.
    So I went to the wreckers, found a replacement washer pump, $7.00. Fitted it easily. Problem solved.
    I was interested to see the part had a Citroen, Peugeot and Renault logo on it. It's apparently a common part in several French cars.
    The new pump is so powerful that it not only squirts the windscreen efficiently, it actually sprays a MIST all over the screen. I've never seen this on any other car.

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    Default Bloody good washers :)

    I had some problem with my C5 washers when I purchased my C5. So I removed the pump with assistance from the forum. I cleaned it out and found the shuttle valve was gummed up. That directs the water to the front or back screen depending on the direction of rotation.
    After that they work brilliantly and were the best washers I have seen and used on any car. Not just a stream or two but a powerful mist over a very large area of the screen.

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    Hi Jaahn, yours must have been just gummed up. In this case on my C5 the motor itself makes an unusual squealing sound when powered up. A quick swap over unit was the fix. cheers...

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