DS - Putting the Roof back on
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Thread: DS - Putting the Roof back on

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    Icon5 DS - Putting the Roof back on

    I am close to putting the roof (17 bolt type) back on my DS21. I took it off to replace the rubber seal and the headlining. Luckily the roof structure itself is near perfect, with just a little surface rust in places. On one side the seal in places was not sealing with the outside lip actually mostly missing. this had allowed the metal edge strip (the bit with the fastenings attached) to rust quite badly in places. This has now been fixed.
    The roof had obviously been off before and fitted back with a non-hardening white sealant in the channel where the seal fits. Judging by the staining of the headlining edges there had been leaks previously but it did not leak when I tested it before removing.


    My question is - should I also bed the the new seal in a non-hardening sealant? I am thinking of putting a black silicone sealant behind the the lip the the rubber seal also.
    I notice that the seal was glued to the edge channel of the roof. Is this necessary and if so what to use? Use of contact cement would not be possible.

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    Don't use any silicone.

    Sika and others do a non-hardening black mastic that's about $10/tube at Bunnies, this is good for non-exposed sealing. It's bitumen based with a little chopped strand added, cleans up with turps or kerosene. Squishes out well and I suspect creeps a little (which may be to your advantage). Will permanently stain pale stuff like headlining.

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    I know a little about this. I had my roof painted 15 years ago by a then "Citroen specialist". He installed a new rubber seal as per factory, no silicones or other putty. It looked right. But after some time I discovered a knocking noise in the rear of the car. I then spent many hours searching and paying the same guy to search for this knocking noise that sounded like it was coming from the rear suspension arms. Nothing could be found there. I then took it to another Citroen Specialist for a second look. He discovered that the knocking was coming from the roof that was not bolted down. The reason it was not bolted down is because the first guy had used the wrong profile rubber which was larger and resulted in not being able to fit the bolts. So what did he do; leave the bolts off. Nice work Monkey!! that person continued to service other peoples cars for another 12 years but is out of the business now. Anyway the roof was removed for a second time and the proper rubber fitted - NO silicons and NO putty. Its a perfect seal and NO water gets in. Factory style. It looks good without looking like its been glued & puttied up in your back yard.
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