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    Default Citroen C5 Gold Coast mechanic

    In the process of procuring a C5 not sure which year yet possibly from 2005 to 2009. Can anyone recommend a reputable service person on the Gold Coast area. I did hear of one around Burleigh Heads but have lost the information. I presume a Peugeot mechanic should be able to service it ??

    Any advice of the engine I should look for 2.0 diesel 2.7 diesel or the 3.0 V6 petrol ???


    Your help is appreciated
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    The diesel motors are also found in some Fords, and all the engines are in some Peugeots which may help if you can't find a Cit specific man.

    Your year range spans two quite different cars - I would get the later improved X7 version if I were you. For all round use I think the 2 litre 4 cyl diesel is the way to go. Plenty of oomph (ie lots of torque), and easier to service than the V6 engines. The Japanese 6 speed auto box is a beauty and more reliable than earlier 4 speeds.

    If you go for newer cars, check whether you are getting hydraulics or sprung suspension. Eg, Comforts are hydraulic, Attractions ride on steel.

    PS David S has put up things to look for for the earlier model, if memory serves.
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    Although I haven't used this guy personally, he has come highly recommended. A french mechanic who apparently knows Citroen and Peugeot very well. Will give him a go the next time I need to see a mechanic and will report back. Please report if you use him first and let me know your experience.

    Dave @ Transmec Motors, Varsity Lakes. 55221404

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