C4 Grand Picasso Rear brakes experiance
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Thread: C4 Grand Picasso Rear brakes experiance

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    Default C4 Grand Picasso Rear brakes experiance

    Hi there,
    the rear brakes in our 2010plated C4GP shit themselves recently,
    one of the passenger side pads disintegrated,, and quickly damaged the disc.

    anyway, seems its not that uncommon and maybe in part to the slow release of the electric handbrake.
    anyhow pads and discs from caravel imports were about $400 and got lubemobile to fit,
    now sound much nicer coming to a halt.
    Just thought I would post this up as not too much about maint for the C4GP on here.




    2010 Mazda RX8 GT
    2010 Citroen C4 GP

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    Damage to the inside face of the disc? The inside pads can wear more quickly than the outside due to the caliper being a sliding single piston design. If you just look at the outside pad to judge wear, then you may catch yourself out if you see it's low and think you have further to go. If you are under there, check the little steel plate inside the Y-piece joiner for the handbrake cables is securely in place and not working its way out.
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