Plugging the BX back together!
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Thread: Plugging the BX back together!

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    Default Plugging the BX back together!

    Hi all!

    1990 Citroen BX 19 TZI. DKZ 1.9L engine.


    A couple of wiring reassembly questions, as I've just finished installing a relay to the starter motor solenoid.

    There is a blue wire with a single blade connector. It runs under the battery tray, forward, and finishes near the positive battery terminal connections. It is also able to connect to one of the blades inside the black connector there. I've not seen it plugged in before, but should it be?

    Is there a way to determine the correct order for the injector plugs?

    I had them numbered, but got distracted by a phone call when refitting, and now they are not in, and not numbered. I'm sure that the 2 fly wheel end injectors are correctly attached, but not the other two on the driver's side.

    The plugs on that end are labelled "3" and "4" on the plugs, and I thought "Great! That could be the cylinder numbers!"; but what would then be labelled "1" and "2" are labelled "4" and "4".

    I've just been back into the starter area to trace wires and inspect, and fit a relay to the solenoid. I've also put a new earth strap in, and cleaned all the major electrical connections pertaining to the starter.

    There are two wires attached to the solenoid connection; one goes into the loom, and the other goes to a plug under the distributor. What is the second one for?


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    Not sure about all the wires you mention. I do have one of these in the back garden resting after an altercation with the back of a Hilux! But I do know that this ECU fires the injectors in pairs - Two of the injectors are on one circuit and the other two on another. Not sure how the ECU fires them though - could be at the same time or separately.

    If I get time tomorrow, I will go down and look for some of the wires you speak of.


    Ken W
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