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    Default C4 for 2015

    They have done a bit of restyling and tidied up the ergonomics but no major changes except the incorporation of the new engine range.
    The petrol engine is the 3 cylinder PureTech and the Diesel the BlueHDi which meets Euro norme 6. It has Start Stop and low rolling resistance tyres to further improve fuel consumption and lower pollution.
    They are claiming 3.3l/100km and 86 gm CO2 for the diesel/manual box and 4.9 and 113 gm for the PureTech 130 with the automatic EAT6.

    This is yet another example of a range in which you cannot expect your car to meet the manufacturer's specs. unless you use the tyres that they specify.

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    There's a problem right there - the special energy saver tyres they come with have been withdrawn from Australia. Michelin recommend replacing them with Primacy 3 ST, which are, incidentally, both quieter and cheaper.

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    and the Primacy 3st are made in China. Hopefully they are still better than the Primacy LC tyres they were importing from the East for a while. Michelin Aust continue to have Primacy HP on their websites but they never have any stock in the sizes required for Cits.


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