2002 C5 - Anti Roll bar/bushes from ebay
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    Default 2002 C5 - Anti Roll bar/bushes from ebay

    Has anyone had any experience with buying these off ebay? Dealer is charging $260 for the front pair but can get the same on ebay for around $60 delivered.
    These in particular http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/160851857485

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    All use the same drop links, part 5087.60 - you'll find a huge array of prices and qualities. These were used on 406 and Xantia as well, you could expect local aftermarket suppliers to have a comparable price.

    Bushings - without knowing your bar diameter I can only suggest the options: Non V6 sedan and all wagons, 23.5mm bar, part 5094.83 / V6 sedans 24.5mm bar, 5094.90 part number. Search with and without the stop point in the part number.

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    Hi garethb
    My experience with cheap local drop links is; they don't last long because the 'boots' fail early because of crap rubber. I think the last time I put the genuine old boots on the new links and greased them well with molly grease. Buy two pairs
    I could probably sell you some good used genuine roll bar bushes. PM me if interested ?

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