Citroen CX Fog Lamp wiring
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    Default Citroen CX Fog Lamp wiring

    Afternoon all,

    I have noticed on some CX's that they have a fog lamp button in the instrument cluster.


    My CX (s1 2400 pallas) does not, and does not have fog lamps installed.

    There does appear to be wiring in the harness at the front of the car that is not connect to anything.

    So the question is, does the standard wiring harness have the ability to retrospectively install fog lamps, and what sort of work in the switch is needed.

    i.e must you install its own switch and so on, or can the existing harness work?


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    witch model year is your CX S1?,

    The original wiring of CX Pallas have not fog lamps wiring, Only GTI have fog lamp wires in standard wiring. Maybe your Instrument cluster changed with GTI one, But If your car is Pallas injection I guess fog lamps wiring must be on your car as standard because their wiring diagram is same as GTI.

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