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    Default my x7

    My x7 C5. Hdi 2L.

    After 80,000km and 4 years of faultless driving I thought I would do an economy run. I filled the tank in Burnie ( NW Tasie) on a cool and fine day last week, before my return home to St. Helens (NE Tasie).
    The drive is undulating and the roads are generally good apart from the pass down to the coast near home. We took in a detour to Launceston, so we had about 20km of town driving. The trip computer was set to journey 1 and the cruise was also limited to 105km/hour. After clocking 320km the consumption read 4.8l/100km. I limited braking and disengaged the cruise well before reaching restricted zones. I believe this to be pretty good for a heavy car of this type.


    Just another point. I was told by the citroen service agent that my rear rotors / pads need replacing. The best deal I found for the parts was from a company called Logicar in Lonny. They quoted $170 for a set of rear rotors and $55 for a set of pads (common to Mazda / renault etc.) The parts were a RDA brand.
    Anyone know of these as they seem to be very reasonably priced.
    What would happen if the minimum thickness limits are exceeded.

    By the way, I get P'd off at the commentators knocking these cars for unreliability, mine have been the best and certainly the most reliable cars I have owned.

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    That's very impressive, although I wonder how accurate the trip computer is. How do I know this? My Prius always gives a better reading than reality. Apparently it is designed this way. e.g. Yesterday filled up after 1 month of town driving. trip said 3.5l/100km after filling and doing a bit of maths actual is 3.8l/100km. Then you have the inaccuracy of individual fills. The only way to do it is to log every fill on an app on your iPhone. I use Gas Cubby, it is very good.

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    RDA is an Australian brand and usually quite easily obtained. Rotors & Drums Australia + EBC Brakes, The Big Brakes Company | Home

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    The price for the rear rotors is actually very good. The slotted and dimpled rears for my BF wagon were about that and I get a trade discount!

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