Xantia oil leak....
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    Default Xantia oil leak....

    Hi Froggers,
    it's been a long time. I've had this Xantia VSX for 6 years now, I think it's an amazing car, and I don't think I'd ever want to replace it.
    The whole time I've had it, it's had an annoying small oil leak, from the base of the dip stick tube. When I first got the car I presumed it was a leaking oil pressure switch, which is behind the starter, and in the right place where, if it was to leak, would produce oil in the place where I was finding it. So I replaced that. Wasn't the cause. I eventually removed the dip tube, and the metal piece it sits in. I urethaned the metal piece to the crankcase, and that leaked no more. But the tube still leaked.
    I thought this was interesting because the oil in the dipstick tube really shouldn't be under much pressure.
    Again I tried to seal the tube with some sealant around the base. It lasted about 3 days, and the oil was back.


    Finally I got the idea... about 2 weeks ago. I took out the tube again, wound some teflon tape around the base of the tube to make it a really tight fit... put sealant around that, put it back in.
    The leak is finally gone... It was a simple enough fix. I really don't like leaks. I hope this helps someone else with a similar problem.
    cheers... George
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    Neat George. Thanks for the information.

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