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    Hi all, run into a problem when swaping the powered leather seats from a 2005 c5 wreck into my 2001 c5sx with velour manual seats, got the power circuit working but the airbag wiring is different, at first i thought it would only be a matter of swaping the plugs but the 2001 seat has only three wires going to the airbag (orange & green twisted + ! cream) while the 2005 seat has four(orange & green twisted + 2 cream).my understanding of airbag wiring is they have 2 trigger wires(orange & green twisted) & 2 sensor wires to monitor & operate the airbag warning light so how does the 2001 seat operate on 1 sensor wire? you wouldn't think they used the body as a return because all the moving parts of the seat may not give consistent circuit.i'm a bit hesitant to start poking arround with a multimeter in case the airbag goes off,does anyone have access to the airbag wiring diagrams

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    Hey "ol buddy be damn careful mucking around with airbags. Very hazardous. Mobile mechanic mate lost a finger playing around with airbagged seats. It was severed by one of the cables and blown into the middle of the road when the bag went off. The hospital kept him waiting 10 hrs before getting him onto the table, that was too long without blood to save it. Another government medicare dollar saved. Be carefull.

    Well those twisted wires are part of the multiplex system, someone else may be able to help with the others. Cheers.
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