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    PSA are getting ready to launch the CitroŽn C3 XR in China. It is a crossover aimeed at the Captur market positioning.

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    Ah remember the C3 XTR from about the mid 2000's I think. Basic C3 design with chunkier bumpers and wheel arches and maybe slightly taller stance due to larger wheels? Perhaps some family friendly stuff too.

    Yes I found something on it Citroen C3 - Citroen's family-friendly C3 XTR | GoAuto

    Really much like some of the marketing of some of the mini SUVs now, two wheel drive, slightly higher driving position and beefier look. Lasted a year or two in Aust, now the market is going crazy for them. Another opportunity lost by Citroen here to lead rather than follow (if you like that sort of thing).

    Oh well, nothing really changes I guess.
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