Cleaning / storing a petrol tank
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Thread: Cleaning / storing a petrol tank

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    Default Cleaning / storing a petrol tank

    Little muck seemed to come out of the tank I removed from the spares GS, but as I can't easily get to the recipient vehicle I'm probably going to have to store the tank for a few months and I don't want any corrosion that might be there to spread.
    What should I be using to clean out the tank, and what precautions should I take to store it?
    The paint has lifted off the external surface of much of the tank and there's some surface rust, what's the best approach to fix?


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    KBS do a good metal cleaner/ rust proofer and sealant kit, auto paint shop should have,
    cheaper than POR 15, and Australian made, follow instructions, a strip disk on a drill or grinder or wire brush attachment on drill for external and zinc primer or just etch primer round outside edges, assuming thats where it is corroding. same with outside areas, clean and rust convert with product.
    The sealant will plug any holes, reminds me I better do the sealant on mine! Cleaned and rust proofed but been sitting for awhile now.

    ps if there's any stale fuel in tank wear a mask in well ventilated area, that shit is TOXIC.

    I'm not sure KBS is Australian made, their staff photo shows only nine people! think you'd need more than that to mix up can and sell this stuff!

    yes , to thread link below I chucked some gravel in mine ( I forgot I did this! and swished it with the metal cleaner, definitely helped. Hot water is imperative with the metal cleaner, you can use it again so have another container ready to pour it into.
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    Hi my tip would be to put some diesel inside, swirl it around and plug it up. Then get some large garbage bags and spray it with diesel or WD and 'bagit' and seal 'em up with tape. That will protect it till you are ready to use it and the diesel will have helped to penetrate the dirt and rust for easier removal then.

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    Hi Bruce,

    This thread surfaced a few months ago and probably isn't what you're looking for but it might be useful to others with fuel tank issues.

    Dirty ideas..
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