Loving my ID 21 Safari .
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Thread: Loving my ID 21 Safari .

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    Default Loving my ID 21 Safari .

    Hi , I have been driving my Safari everyday and loving it more and more , so comfy and practical ....light on fuel and evokes all sorts of responses ...bogans detest it which makes me like it more . I fixed the door locks this week and my friend asked why as he thought any self respecting robber would steer clear of the Citroen ....
    I need to remove the roof to fix two rust bubbles and fit engine mountings. I don't want to as I don't want her off the road .....
    Oh and where can I get bits for the outer headlight aiming linkage , mine has some bits missing and a bodge spring to retain the light ....? cheers


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    Regarding your headlamp pieces, you can try an eBay seller called Sylvain1230_0. He carries a pretty large stock of pieces like that, his prices aren't insanely high and, in my experience anyway he ships quickly.
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    I'm pretty sure I didn't need to remove my roof to fix up the engine mounts. But then I didn't do the work myself so what goes on in the garage stays in the garage.... Pictures of car?
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    Bogans like just about everyone else smile when they see a D up this way.

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