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Thread: Bluetooth in C5

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    Default Bluetooth in C5

    I recently purchased a new cell phone, a Galaxy S2. It is to replace a Nokia X3. The Nokia had no trouble in connecting with the Bluetooth system in the C5, allowing me to make calls using the C5's on-board controls including the Contacts list which comes up C5's screen after I press the button on the end of the wiper control stalk. However while the new Galaxy connects to the C5's Bluetooth system, I still have to use the phone's keyboard to access my contacts list, and to actually make and receive calls, after which the hands-free system comes into play. Does anyone know whether this is likely to be a fault with the phone (which I suspect is the case), or is it something in the Samsung Galaxy Android system which the Citroen's Bluetooth doesn't like or recognise? Grateful for any advice.


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    Can you use voice recognition instead to make calls? Then no need for contacts list (safer as eyes on road) I have an iphone 5 & a '07 C4 & it's works well even for asking directions or sending messages.
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