Xantia steering rack boot replacement
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    Default Xantia steering rack boot replacement

    Just got another Xantia, seems excellent except that the boots are split & this is a defect preventing registration in the ACT. Cant find anything on doing a search in this site, however I have been told there is a zip up boot that means they can be replaced without disturbing the rack, tie rod ends etc. Anyone know of these? Alternatively what is involved in replacing them?




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    Driver's side is easy, passenger side you're recommended to use a rubber gaiter instead of the thermoplastic type. One chap I know, slips them over a greased dessertspoon to clear the PAS ram fixing stud. Passenger side outer just needs tapping in gently by repeated "laps" around its perimeter steel band.

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    Addo is right. Drivers side is easy. I found passengers side so difficult, I took it to Cit mechanic who has the right cone, grease and brawn to get even a floppy new rubber one over the PAS ram fixing round thingy bit. This is one of the few bits I get others to do.

    Apparently the service procedure for fitting this rack cover involves taking out the steering rack.

    Ring around some Cit Peugeot mechanics and see who has got a technique all sorted and is prepared to take it on at a reasonable cost.


    Ken W

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