Hello again all
Quite a while back in 2010 I posted in relation to Tyre wear and Brands.


When I bought the C4 Coupe It had 24K on it and it came from Alto Newcastle which no longer exists (thank god).

The car had its original Michelin energy 1s. At 66392Km with 2mil left above the wear indicators I replaced them all with Pirelli P7s @ $768 total including wheel alignment etc. so the Michelins gave me a great run but they where a bit noisy.

At 122386Km I have replaced the Pirelli P7s with Pirelli P1s. So the P7s with 2mil left on the wear indicators have given me 55994ks. These tyres have been supremely comfortable and quiet and Im happy with the wear considering I was travelling to Broke and back twice a week and the roads where terrible at that stage.

So the P1s, Ugly to look at and under low speed braking, harmonics noise. having said that they are harder in formulation than the P7s so Ill keep you all updated replacement cost including wheel alignment $560.

The Saga continues ~~~~~~