CX Flywheel sensors
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    Default CX Flywheel sensors

    Hi Guys,


    as we all know, these arent' the most reliable of electronic components There was an interesting discussion on the CX list about them last week.... and the fact that you could buy modified replacement from CX basis...

    Now that's interesting... I was wondering how to figure out exactly what car this sensor was from ..... then a couple of messages later:

    fywheel sensors:

    Paul, we are selling and using these sensors for a couple of years. Some people found more sophistic ways to install them but the way you describe works too. Actually these sensors come from Ford so they may be availble locally. The Ford # is 6502253 But they are also known as Facet 90036 and Hella 6PU009146061. Cheers, Andre
    Someone else is using a 'A' Ford focus sensor .... another an XM sensor ( )

    So there you go, it's not the end of the world if these sensors become impossible to find No doubt the Ford Sensor should be far more reliable too.

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    Good find; the Ford Censor is one model they never told us about.

    Looks like they are possibly making the "yoke" from an old securing eye off a genuine sensor (95 496 547 in case anyone is watching).

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    Brilliant work Shane!

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