ds3 cabrio 1.6 turbo and dealers
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    Default ds3 cabrio 1.6 turbo and dealers

    Just got of the phone speaking to a rep at Citroen Automobiles Sydney in regard to a DEALER problem when i took delivery of the DS3 all was fine I did mention that the foot rest that was missing and was told to speak with spare parts its a pice of drilled aluminium that matched all the other items clutch brake and the go pedal was told by the spare parts man that they have no right hand foot rest only left side, i asked the parts man if they had rainbow paint he was looking at his laptop trying to find rainbow paint, I told him not to bother i will wait until they get L/H screw drivers. First service changed engine oil and filter that was when I inquired about what type, brand and value i.e 5W30 synthetic the service manager told me in no uncertain terms that WE USE THE CORRECT OIL and that complies with Citroen requirements , yep I did respond but can't might upset others. Second service 2 weeks ago, they, the dealer and his goons were waiting the atmosphere was electric and ice cold, so I got my own coffee out of my thermo, I think that it was the fastest ever the Invoice handed to me showed that STANDARD OIL was used, what is Standard Oil ?, the radio in the DS3 is shite in my area and did not show any faults, was advised to record the interference via a recorder so that they can fix it, so I got my electronic recorder and recorded the noise, was told AM band is a poor reception so I changed bands to FM now this is failing, I love the car its great, however Citroen Aust are not able to help, because it is a DEALER PROBLEM. No doubt this issue will go on until the DS3, runs out, i intend to carry out my own service.


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    I will no longer take my DS3 to the dealer. Their unwillingness to fix the door frame stickers, replaced once under warranty, because the car was a few months out of warranty shows to me that they don't value my business enough to undertake a small goodwill repair, so I will no longer give their business any value.
    Members of my family have travelled interstate to buy their new cars before, if I ever decide to buy another new Citroen I'll be looking at dealers who aren't local.

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